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No Child Hungry Delivers 5,000 Meals to Eccleston Elementary

No Child Hungry delivered 5,000 meals to Eccleston Elementary School to provide students on the free school lunch program meals for weekends. Special thanks to Betty Chandler for all of her hard work with over 700 students and their families.

Westwood Church Packs Thousands of Meals For The Philippines

On Saturday, over 100 people gathered at Westwood Church to pack thousands of meals for the Philippines. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!


Help us fill a container for the Philippines as soon as possible. Ask how you can help at

Join the C&MA of Central Florida and No Child Hungry To Pack 1 Million Meals For The Philippines

Central Florida C&MA works with No Child Hungry to provide 1,000,000 meals to the Phillipines. You can help.


DONATE HERE . Your donation will go to our Philippine Project.


VOLUNTEER HERE. You will be contacted by our staff to provide you with more information.

No Child Hungry and The Cathedral of St. Luke's Provide Thanksgiving Breakfast

On THANKSGIVING MORNING, NO CHILD HUNGRY and the CATHEDRAL OF ST. LUKE'S partnered to provide a hot breakfast for nearly 250 of Orlando's homeless. Coming in for breakfast not only offered a hot cup of coffee and a hot breakfast, but also a break away from the cold 39 degree temperatures. Thanks to all of our friends who came and to all of the volunteers and donors who made this possible.

Presbyterians Unite To Pack 50,000 Meals To Fight Hunger

Orlando area Presbyterian churches came together to pack 50,000 meals on Saturday November 2nd. Over 250 "Hunger Heroes" packed 50,000 meals in two hours. The meal-packing event will took place at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church at 1655 Peel Avenue in Orlando from 9-11 A.M. This collaborative effort is the first of many being launched by the Orlando area churches to bring congregations together and make a solid impact on our world.

We are so grateful for this effort with NO CHILD HUNGRY to pack meals that will be distributed in Orlando (25,000 meals) and in the country of Haiti (25,000 meals).


Palm Beach Packs 10,000 Meals

The South Florida No Child Hungry Team along with volunteers from Palm Beach packed 10,000 meals on Saturday the 19th. Half of these meals are being distributed in Belle Glade near Palm Beach and the other half will go to Haiti.


A Special thank you to Garry and Sherry Glickman for sponsoring this event.


Way To Go Emily, Kate and the South Florida Team!

St. Luke's Cathedral Packs 10,000 Meals

St. Luke's Cathedral held another meal-packing event where over 40 people packed 10,000 meals. St. Luke's has become a special and important partner in our fight against hunger. 


A special thank you to St. Luke's and Tom Bates!

Fifth Third Bank Hosts Community Meal-Packing Event

Forty Ocoee community "Hunger Heros" came together at the Fifth Third Bank on Ocoee-Apopka Road to pack 10,000 meals. NO CHILD HUNGRY is so grateful for all who participated. A special thank you goes out to our sponsors from McDonald's, Fifth Third Bank, Publix, Walgreens, Westwood Church, and the Ocoee community.


We look forward to packing events every other month at Fifth Third. To get more info, stop by the bank or contact William Lowry (321-436-7767) or


Click here to see pictures.

Florida Hospital East Packs Meals To Fight Hunger

The Excutive Team at Florida Hospital East joined together in some friendly competition to pack NO CHILD HUNGRY Hunger Shmunger meals to be distributed locally and abroad. Their 10,000 meal packing event was completed just in time for distribution to local efforts and for an international team headed to Haiti.


Great job Florida Hospital. You continue to demonstrate your organizations goodness and God's love in our community!

Bob Hudson, Orville Jones: Selfless Heros

Donation Made In Memory of Bob Hudson and Orville Jones

This past year brought the loss of two dear friends who have loved and supported the MNC Team for several years. After living to be 100, Orville could look back at decades of leading mission trips all over the world and around the U.S. On more than half of those trips, you would find Bob, who lived to be 78, working by his side building hospitals, clinics, schools, churches, and homes in developing countries or poor areas within the United States.


Driven by compassionate hearts and a passion to make a difference, these men gave of their lives to impact the lives of others in a meaningful way.


MNC has graciously received a donation in their memory from their families to support the Good Samaritan School in Port Au Prince. Their work continues!

Join the MNC Team!

Welcome to My Neighbor's Children! (MNC)

Would You Give Up 30 Cents To Feed A Starving Child?

shepard expositions services and you salon partner with MNC to provide meals for children

A Special "Thank You" to all who came out and supported the First annual "Pedi For The Cure" hosted by You Salon and Nails and sponsored by our partner Shepard Expositions Services. It was a great evening and we raised a lot of $'s for meals for kids!!!


Also a special "Thank You" goes out to Vincenzos for providing the food, Fabio for taking pictures, and Michelle for awesome tweets!

Eccleston's Betty Chandler Receives Life Changer of the Year Award

Betty Chandler, our partner at Eccleston Elementary School in Richmond Heghts, received the prestigious LIFE CHANGER OF THE YEAR AWARD this week. She was flown to the Bahamas to receive the award that included a $10,000 prize evenly split between Betty and Eccleston.


Betty was chosen over more than 400 nominees nationwide for her 55 years of service at OPCS and her untiring work to change the lives of students. 


“Betty’s commitment to the children and families at our school is why she will never retire,” said Tracy Webley, the Eccleston principal. “Ms. Chandler knows no stranger. She is the heart of our school, greeting you at the door with a welcome hug.”


CONGRATULATIONS Betty, you deserve this and so much more!!!!




Favorite   HOTELS   Collection






My Neighbor's Children /No Child Hungry welcomes Sandra Funes to the My Neighbor's Children Team. Sandra has come on board as the Director of Honduras Operations. Sandra and her husband Roland have served as volunteers for the past year with MNC efforts as well as with NCH events.


We are so happy to have her on board. You can contact her at


My Neighbor's Children and our Bon Samritan School are proud to have been selected as the 2013 ACTFL recipient charity for their first CSR Event. Attendees will be providing supplies, book bags, educational materials, and other needed items for every student.


This new CSR effort called "ACTFL Global Giving" will begin a commitment to make a difference in the lives of students in a particular school during the annual conference.


Tammi Runzler will lead a cultural exchange as she presents and shares about the plight of education in Haiti. 

MNC And Hand In Hand Install New Well In Onaville

Onaville, a community of 30,000 displaced people who are trying to rebuild their lives, has no infrastructure for water, roads, or electricity. Families who were displaced by the earthquake in Haiti and who relocated to "start over" can find comfort only in the gift of a piece of land. Some people within the community must walk up to three miles to get a 5 gallon bucket filled with water.


Last weekend, My Neighbor's Children installed a new well (the only one in the community) on a church's land that assure water to all who come. The well can provide water every day for as many as 300 families.


The well was sponsored by our corporate partner Hand in Hand Soap as a part of their committed mission to give from every product sold through their company. Owners Bill and Courtney were on hand to celebrate with William Lowry as the well was turned on.


Our goal is to place at least 6 more wells in this community. If you are interested in helping, email to



Hand in Hand Soap's first well in Haiti! from Hand in Hand on Vimeo.


Last month, our My Neighbor's Children/No Child Hungry TEAM went to Haiti on a Summer project trip. Over the six day trip, we were able to complete our projects and distribute over 13,000 meals, over 9,000 bars of soap, and over 600 dresses. 


The meals were provided through NO CHILD HUNGRY, the soap was provided by Hand in Hand Soap, and the dresses (part of our "Ruby Dress Project) were provided by our Ruby Dress Project Team.


Our projects included building a wall around an orphanage in Kenscoff, hosting a year end school party in a very poor neighborhood in Cazeau, painting the inside and outside of a house in Port-au-Prince, and distributing items in Croix de Bouquet, Cazeau, Kenscoff, and Cite de Soleil.


Many thanks to all of our team members and all who gave to make this possible!


Ruby Hutchins heard about our goal to provide 1200 dresses for girls in MNC facilities. She immediately became a part of the MNC Team and started the "Ruby Dress Project". Going strong at 76 years old, she is spearheading a team of "dressmakers" who have already amassed over 900 dresses. 


Last month, our MNC/NCH Team was able to distribute over 600 of these dresses to the children of Haiti. The children were so grateful. We received so many gracious expressions of gratitude.


We want to express our gratitude to all who are a part of this Project Team and especially to RUBY - one of our Champions for Children!


Want to help? Let us know and we will get you the details.

Emily Tirey Joins No Child Hungry Staff

My Neighbor's Children/No Child Hungry would like to welcome Emily Tirey to our staff as the South Florida No Child Hungry Regional Director. Emily will be serving in an internship through 2013 as she completes her Masters Degree in Intercultural Studies at Liberty University.


Emily will be working with the South Florida Team to schedule and coordinate meal-packing events and will also work to further develop our social media. She brings her passion, energy, faith, experience and great smile to make a difference in the lives of children.


You can reach her at


Tammi Runzler has become a powerful influence for good in the country of Haiti. Stealing every free moment from her busy work schedule, Tammi has been pouring her life into making the lives of children and the people of Haiti better. Her heartfelt impact on their lives is a driving force behind the mission of My Neighbor's Children.


Tammi Runzler shares her experiences with Collaborate Magazine. Read and enjoy the article here.


Hand In Hand Delivering Soap.

Hand In Hand and My Neighbor's Children have delivered over 65,000 bars of soap to Haiti, including the Bon Samaritan and New Life Children's Home (MNC Facilities). Check out this great video produced by our friends at Hand In Hand.

Hand In Hand / Sustainable Suds from think/feel on Vimeo.

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