Our Projects

We help those in need the most - children. Every MNC facility is committed to reach a "standard of excellence". That standard includes quality of facilities, quality of care, quality of staff, and quality of administration. Our projects assist MNC facilities with improving their operations in one of these areas. Look below for current projects. 

  • Project 1: Bethsaida Academy - Remodeling and improving the Bethsaida Academy Facilities in Cap Haitien, Haiti.
  • Project 2: Transportation - We are transporting a donated cargo van filled with school backpacks and supplies to Haiti for The Bethsaida Academy and for the MNC staff to use.
  • Project 3: Bon Samaritan Orphanage - The Bon Samaritan Orphanage is an orphanage that houses 170 children. MNC will work to help them inprove their facilities, secure resources for food, elctric, and water, and find additional personnel who can assist in the daily operations.
  • Project 4: Desks for Students - We want to provide folding chairs with fold up desk tops for 500 children.
  • Project 5: Dental Clinic - MNC has secured a Haitian Dentist who will provide dental care for children at New Life Children's Home in Port Au Prince Haiti. This project involves setting up a clinic and covering the overhead costs.

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