Core Values

We are committed to the World’s Children

We believe that our neighbor is anyone living within our world.


Poor children are the neediest people of the earth. We seek to understand their needs and to create change for their wellbeing. Together we seek a common justice for these children.


We seek to create and lead a companionship between the affluent and the poor children that produces change in both. Together, we pursue the justice, peace, reconciliation, and hope that is necessary to establish the wellbeing of the world’s children.


We bring hope and help to children by providing education, health care and basic needs.

We value people most

We are committed to an ongoing development of our staff, volunteers, and donors.


We believe each person has an inherent value.


We treat all people with dignity, respect, professionalism, and an understanding of their individuality.


We place people above structure, programs, systems, money, and institution.


We respect the diversity, culture, personality, and contributive ability of every person.

We are good stewards

We will handle our resources with a high standard of openness, honesty, professional competence, and accountability. We will deal honestly with our partners, donors, governments, recipients, and the public.


We will be good stewards of our environment through ecologically conscious care and protection. We will seek to preserve our earth in every way we are able.

We collaborate and partner

We seek to establish partnerships and relationships between donors and sponsors, and the poor and vulnerable children of the world. This mutual relationship will enhance the lives of all involved.


We cooperate with other organizations and governments to establish the best practices and most effective efforts. We give consideration to the economics, culture, and history of the nations we serve in.


We will support organizations that assist us in fulfilling our mission and are committed to a high standard of excellence.


We will establish program partners with organizations that will assure the best opportunity for the wellbeing of the children we serve.



You Can Host A Meal Packing Event

Click here to find out how.

Nationwide Marketing Group Packs Over 200,000 Meals To Fight Child Hunger Around The World

Nationwide Marketing Group and its members have made a major impact in the lives of children around the corner and around the world by packing over 200,000 meals. Members from all over the country volunteered side-by-side to make a difference.


Connect Volunteers and Attendees Pack 150,000 Meals And Send 500 Bookbags To Haiti

Advent Health Downtown And Celebration Pack 70,000 Meals For Puerto Rico

Ground Effects and Windsor, Ontario Join To Pack Meals For Haiti 

Ground Effects - Windsor, Ontario

A Special "Thank You" to all of the volunteers in Windsor Ontario Canada for packing 120,000 meals for Haiti. 600 volunteers packed all of the meals in 1 hour and 10 minutes. A big thank you to the Scott Family and the great folks at Ground Effects. These meals have been already been delivered in Haiti.


These are awesome No Chid Hungry Hunger Heroes!!!!!!!!

No Child Hungry and The Cathedral of St. Luke Provide Thanksgiving Breakfast

On THANKSGIVING MORNING, NO CHILD HUNGRY and the CATHEDRAL OF ST. LUKE partnered to provide a hot breakfast for nearly 250 of Orlando's homeless. Coming in for breakfast not only offered a hot cup of coffee and a hot breakfast, but also a break away from the cold  temperatures. Thanks to all of our friends who came and to all of the volunteers and donors who made this possible.

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