You Can Host A Meal Packing Event

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Nationwide Marketing Group Packs Over 200,000 Meals To Fight Child Hunger Around The World

Nationwide Marketing Group and its members have made a major impact in the lives of children around the corner and around the world by packing over 200,000 meals. Members from all over the country volunteered side-by-side to make a difference.


New Hope Church Packs Over 57,000 Meals












In The Hallway of New Hope Church

Connect Volunteers and Attendees Pack 150,000 Meals And Send 500 Bookbags To Haiti

Foot Locker Packs Meals And Collects Items In both Jacksonville and Hershey For Haiti

Thank you Foot Locker !

Florida Hospital Downtown And Celebration Pack 70,000 Meals For Puerto Rico

Ground Effects and Windsor, Ontario Join To Pack Meals For Haiti 

Ground Effects - Windsor, Ontario

A Special "Thank You" to all of the volunteers in Windsor Ontario Canada for packing 120,000 meals for Haiti. 600 volunteers packed all of the meals in 1 hour and 10 minutes. A big thank you to the Scott Family and the great folks at Ground Effects. These meals have been already been delivered in Haiti.


These are awesome No Chid Hungry Hunger Heroes!!!!!!!!

No Child Hungry Delivers 5,000 Meals to Eccleston Elementary

No Child Hungry delivered 5,000 meals to Eccleston Elementary School to provide students on the free school lunch program meals for weekends. Special thanks to Betty Chandler for all of her hard work with over 700 students and their families.

Westwood Church Packs Thousands of Meals For The Philippines

On Saturday, over 100 people gathered at Westwood Church to pack thousands of meals for the Philippines. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!


Help us fill a container for the Philippines as soon as possible. Ask how you can help at

No Child Hungry and The Cathedral of St. Luke Provide Thanksgiving Breakfast

On THANKSGIVING MORNING, NO CHILD HUNGRY and the CATHEDRAL OF ST. LUKE partnered to provide a hot breakfast for nearly 250 of Orlando's homeless. Coming in for breakfast not only offered a hot cup of coffee and a hot breakfast, but also a break away from the cold  temperatures. Thanks to all of our friends who came and to all of the volunteers and donors who made this possible.

Presbyterians Unite To Pack 50,000 Meals To Fight Hunger

Orlando area Presbyterian churches came together to pack 50,000 meals on Saturday November 2nd. Over 250 "Hunger Heroes" packed 50,000 meals in two hours. The meal-packing event will took place at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church at 1655 Peel Avenue in Orlando from 9-11 A.M. This collaborative effort is the first of many being launched by the Orlando area churches to bring congregations together and make a solid impact on our world.

We are so grateful for this effort with NO CHILD HUNGRY to pack meals that will be distributed in Orlando (25,000 meals) and in the country of Haiti (25,000 meals).


Palm Beach Packs 10,000 Meals

The South Florida No Child Hungry Team along with volunteers from Palm Beach packed 10,000 meals on Saturday the 19th. Half of these meals are being distributed in Belle Glade near Palm Beach and the other half will go to Haiti.


A Special thank you to Garry and Sherry Glickman for sponsoring this event.


Way To Go Emily, Kate and the South Florida Team!

Fifth Third Bank Hosts Community Meal-Packing Event

Forty Ocoee community "Hunger Heros" came together at the Fifth Third Bank on Ocoee-Apopka Road to pack 10,000 meals. NO CHILD HUNGRY is so grateful for all who participated. A special thank you goes out to our sponsors from McDonald's, Fifth Third Bank, Publix, Walgreens, Westwood Church, and the Ocoee community.


We look forward to packing events every other month at Fifth Third. To get more info, stop by the bank or contact William Lowry (321-436-7767) or


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Florida Hospital Packs Meals To Fight Hunger

The Excutive Team at Florida Hospital East joined together in some friendly competition to pack NO CHILD HUNGRY Hunger Shmunger meals to be distributed locally and abroad. Their 10,000 meal packing event was completed just in time for distribution to local efforts and for an international team headed to Haiti.


Great job Florida Hospital. You continue to demonstrate your organizations goodness and God's love in our community!

Join the MNC Team!




CSR is considered to be the responsibility a company bears for the impact its decisions and activities have on our society, on our environment, and on the company's success. The responsible and sustainable practices of any company will not only strengthen and build its name, but it will also help make a community and its marketplace stronger and more sustainable.


A company that incorporates social responsibility into its objectives and core values will help build sustainability and profitability into its future. Corporate Social Responsibility is important to the sustainability of every company or organization.

Benefits of a CSR Event Managed By No Child Hungry


No need to struggle with the logistics and expense of going off-site. A No Child Hungry meal-packing event takes place right at your meeting site. We bring everything you need.



Most costs for your event are included in the 30 cents per meal contribution.



Your event will join the fight against world hunger. Your registrants will finish the event knowing they are a part of a practical and sensible solution to a worldwide problem. Your company will provide an opportunity for clients and employees to be a part of an effort to eliminate childhood hunger.



Your event will provide support to local organizations. Fifty percent of all meals packed at your CSR Event will be distributed locally in the community where your event is held. The distribution of these meals will assure that children in that local community are receiving nutritional meals along with other services being provided by the supported organizations.



Your event will also provide meals for children in developing countries. No Child Hungry will distribute the remaining fifty percent of meals packed at your event to children in developing countries. Through its parent organization - My Neighbor's Children - No Child Hungry does direct distribution of these meals to facilities and organizations that have been approved for support. 


Members from your company are invited to join the No Child Hungry Team on a distribution trip to one of these countries and help distribute the meals directly into the hands of the children and families who need them.



Whether for a client or for an employee, No Child Hungry can work with your company to provide customized gifts or activities at your CSR Event. Our goal is to make your event fun, memorable, and fulfilling.


Setting up a No Child Hungry meal-packing event is simple and easy. Our staff will handle most of the work at the event. We set it up, work with your team to create the atmosphere you want, and tear it all down.


We also work with your team to distribute meals locally and internationally. If you have a local group you want to work with, we will coordinate with that group. If not, we will establish the local groups and let you know where your packaged meals will be going and we will provide your company with pictures and video.



Follow these steps:


1. Decide the date for your event. It may be at a convention, in an office, in a community facility, or outside. We can hold an event just about anywhere.


2. Decide how many meals you want to pack and how many people will be participating.


3. Contact No Child Hungry to book your date. You may send an email to:

william@myneighborschildren or or call at 321-436-7767.


4. Decide how you will advertise your event.


5. Decide what additional activities or items you want at your event.


6. Work with No Child Hungry to determine shifts.


7. Expect a GREAT event!


You are ready to go!

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