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In 2010, shortly after the horrible earthquake in Hiati and after many discussions about children around the world, a group of volunteers came together to find a way to make a difference.


Realizing that many organizations exist in countries such as Haiti who were already doing a good work, but needed to be strengthened and supported, an organization was needed to provide resources, training, a standard of excellence, and an "umbrella" under which they could operate. This effort would bring people together in collaboration, pool resources, offer strength through numbers, and offer volunteers and other organizations or companies and opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of children.


My Neighbor's Children was born.

Partnership With Clean the World

Among the many partnerships My Neighbor's Children has established, one of the most important is with Clean the World. My Neighbor's Children was formed because of the outreach and mission of Clean the World. As a sister organization, My Neighbor's Children represents Clean the World in Haiti and is responsible to distribute soap and hygiene products. In addition to hygiene products, My Neighbor's Children is engaged in providing for many other needs children in impoverished situations have.


Together, our efforts will continue to fight disease and poverty around the world.

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